Our Meal Plans Can Make You More Environmentally Responsible

If you want to enjoy delicious meals every day, but you hate the cleanup associated with cooking, you may skip the whole rigamarole and opt for takeout instead. Eating healthy often requires a bit more time and energy, but with New Vision’s online meal plans, you can have delicious and healthy meals delivered right to your door in environmentally friendly packaging that you can simply recycle once you’ve eaten the meal. Instead of countless pans, plates, and utensils, all you need is a microwave and a fork!

Weighing Your Environmental Impact

You may often think about what sort of impact your household is having on the environment, and while cooking can be fun and educational, it also consumes energy, either in the form of electricity or gas. Now, while the microwave also uses power, New Vision’s meals only take about one to two minutes to heat up, and that consumes much less electricity than using your stove for 10 to 15 minutes each time you make a meal. You can order ingredients by the pound to cook on the stovetop, but our standard prepackaged (and precooked) meals come in eco-friendly packaging that require no cleanup at all, save placing it in your recycle bin. You’ll also use less water since there will be no dishes to wash and all you’ll have to rinse is your utensil.


Less Gas, More Food

If you often order takeout or delivery instead of cooking at home, choosing one of our online meal plans will mean that you’re using less gas by not driving your car as much, and you’re helping the delivery driver save gas as well. You’ll also receive a week’s worth of meals, which means you’ll have more food options every time you’re hungry. If you have a gasoline budget you try to stick to each week or each month, stock up on our meals and save yourself time and money by leaving your car in the garage on those busy weeknights. You also won’t have to go to the store as much, since you’ll have everything you need for a delicious meal!


Locally Sourced Ingredients

By choosing New Vision, you’re helping support the locally and humanely sourced ingredients that we use in all of our meals. We want to make sure every vegetable and animal is raised properly, with the nutrients and food they need to provide the nutrients you need. We strive to build sustainable relationships with every farm we work with, and you can have peace of mind that every meal that arrives at your door has been prepared with skill and care. Our chefs take great pride in preparing each meal for you, and want you to taste each flavor knowing that there’s nothing processed or artificial in your food.

If you’re worried about how much energy or gasoline you’re consuming, or you’ve noticed that your current diet consists of fast food and takeout, change things up with an online meal plan from New Vision. We know you’ll absolutely love it!

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