Meal Plans for the Entire Family

dreamstime_xxl_34170692Getting your family to eat healthy can be a challenge, especially if you have small children. You might be trying to change your eating habits, and if you have the support of your spouse or partner, it can be easier to transition everyone’s tendencies away from junk food and quick and easy meals. At New Vision Nutrition, we don’t see envision online meal plans just for those who live on their own, but offer options for the entire family!

Breakfast Options

The one meal that many families share together is breakfast, especially on the weekends. Everyone sleeps in a little later, and then mom or dad get up to make that first cup of coffee, get the paper (or check the news online), and then begin on breakfast. You might enjoy the traditional breakfast of bacon and eggs or French toast, but want to serve something a bit healthier to your family. Our scrambler options or our Cinnamon Banana French Toast are great alternatives to traditional breakfast options. Each meal is perfectly portioned, and you can even split one or two between the kids (depending on how many mouths you’re feeding).

Lunch and Dinner Options

Your family is most likely busy during the week, and planning and preparing meals often takes a backseat to school, work, sports, and other activities. With our online meal plans, you can have different lunch and dinner options for each day. We have choices for both hot and cold meals, and if you have to eat lunch on the go, or you want to pack something healthy for the kids, you’ll find a great selection on our menu.

If you’re looking to change the meal plan for your family, make the transition today with New Vision!

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