Options for Those Who Care for Relatives

If you’ve become the primary caregiver for an elderly parent or grandparent, you want to be sure they have the highest possible quality of life. You go to the store for them, prepare meals for them, and make sure they have the companionship they need. For meal prep, it can be difficult to find options they like and that fit with their doctor’s recommended diet. They most likely have foods they love, but they may not be able to have those things because of an illness or medication they’re currently taking. At New Vision Nutrition, our online meal plans have options for every dietary need, and our home delivery cuts down on the time it takes to shop, prepare, and serve a healthy and delicious meal.

photo1_blogAdding Variety to Daily Meals

It’s important for those who care for an elderly relative to establish a routine that’s easy for their loved one to follow. They get up at the same time every day, get dressed, and sit down to breakfast around the same time. They may have appointments they need to make, or their caregiver may be taking them to see other relatives, but sticking to a time schedule can provide structure and help them look forward to something exciting each day. When it comes to meals, routine can be good, but having the same thing day in and day out can become a bit tiring. With our meal plans, you can add and subtract certain options each time, and provide a great variety for every day of the week.


Finding the Right Balance

You might provide assistance to your loved one, but you’re not the primary caregiver. You have a full-time job and other responsibilities, but still want to be there for your relative. You may be responsible for making sure they have lunch or dinner each day, but you don’t have an hour or more to make a meal every time. Our meals are easy to heat up in a few minutes, and you can sit and talk with your parent or grandparent while they enjoy a healthy, balanced meal. You can also pack your own meal and enjoy lunch or dinner with your loved one!

photo2_blogPicking the Right Plan

Shopping for healthy ingredients can be a challenge, but so can picking an online meal plan for your loved one. It can beneficial to sit down with them in front of the computer and go through each plan option on our site, and explain how it works. We understand that there may be some hesitation at first, but we know that after they see the variety of delicious options we offer, they’ll be excited about getting their first shipment of meals.

If you’re looking for healthy meal options for your elderly relative, and you want to be sure they’re eating a well-portioned and well-balanced diet, visit New Vision Nutrition today. Our experienced nutritionists have created meals that are great for any age, and you can pick the number of meals that fit with your loved one’s routine and lifestyle. We look forward to helping you!

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